Gayatri has moved around a lot! At present Gayatri lives in Vancouver, Canada, surrounded with mountains and beauty. She believes inspirations are everywhere, you just have to be looking. She also very much believes in a quote by Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” If you love to do something, spend time doing it!

    Art has always been her path. Art is her life. It’s the only lifestyle she knows and is grateful for. She paints from her heart, painting is an outlet of so many expressions and emotions to her. Art is her companion for life. It is like meditation to her, makes her feel at peace in her space. When it comes to art she is an explorer, exploring and experimenting through each painting. She uses mixed media, a lot of inks and marks and finds her way through each painting. Making it spontaneous at the beginning and refining it at the end.